Your Thoughts And Mind Could Be Revealed


Well, well this is surprising to know. That your mind and thoughts could be read and known. Ever wonder if this can be possible.It can be, anyway.

The fact being that what you have in mind or plan to do can be revealed even before you want to say the contrary. A human minds can be complex, diverse, twisted, just to get a better deal for him or herself.

The reason being that humans always wants the best for them self. They could say something and have another thing in mind. They can as well pretend in situations.

Just to talk about human mind and thoughts in businesses,relationships, politics, is always a goal everyday. Humans have been created to reason very well. Humans cold say the truth or lie. Just for there own good.

They can as well say, it’s only say it’s only God that knows human mind or thoughts. This is truth. Now a human being is claiming to read people’s mind with a machine.

Are we going to believe it that your thoughts can be revealed, positive or negative,truth or false, forward or backwards, protective or destructive,advantagous or disadvantageous. Definitely, that’s a question.

Now, the truth being that Elon Musk, the world must famous entrepreneur had promised to do that. He said that he is going to use a machine to do that. He will also use a brain to do that.

Elon Musk is going to connect the human brain to a machine to read your brain and know your mind and thoughts. Read details here.


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