You Can Spend Your Mutilated Naira Note


For those of you in Nigeria and more in eastern part of Nigeria,would have had this experience.

A mutilated Naira note is a banknote, partially or permanently damaged by fire, water, dye, insects, torn or destroyed by natural disaster and clearly more than half of the original size. #MutilatedNairaNotes

Have gone to market, shop or offices to buy something and your naira notes been turned down or given back to you because it’s Unfit and Mutilated. The worst is when a bank that was supposed to collect it from you refused to do so.


But why should bank refuse to collect a mutilated naira currency? The reason is unknown, They should collect it because the mutilated naira currency is a legal tender of Nigeria.

Nevertheless, the problem is solved here. Should your bank refuse to collect. mutilated naira currency from you, call or contact the CBN or take the mutilated naira currency to any CBN office closer to you.

You can call the CBN Contact Centre on +2347002255226 if your bank refuses to accept unfit and mutilated notes from you #MutilatedNairaNotes


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