What Is Nenitm In Word Meaning


What Is Nenitm

Just to ask, even though it might not make any meaning to anyone. And might not benefit any. Needless to say. Well, I wouldn’t know, anyway. What is Nenitm.What is the meaning of Nenitm as in www.nenitm.com?

Well it’s not a special kind of word. One can’t call it French or Spanish word. But one can fix it as English and Igbo word.

Anyone can take it or leave it. It’s a name of a blog. It’s good to know that some blogs or websites points to the name of the owner.

That’s true.And some points to the name of the name of the company and some even mention the name of what a website is all about.

The meaning of Nenitm

Obviously, this is how it should be. It depends on what you have in mind. But you can name a website based on what comes to your mind. It doesn’t matter sometimes. This is because you are different from everyone.

And if possible, you have to be original. Name your blog or website with whatever comes to your mind. It does really work. Yes it works.

Probably, it could have a meaning somewhere. Or, not even a meaning mere looking at the word. But sometimes it does show some quality different things. Or even maintain some strong depth.

Now it’s a really good idea, if you can name your blog or website by what you were feeling at that moment that you are creating it.

Meanwhile, you can also name it by what you are enjoying or suffering at the time of creation. You excitement can decide for you.

Moreover, a beautiful picture in your mind or a memory you want to preserve can decide that. It can decide the name of your blog or website.

Nice food

Finally, not think so important of anything.The meaning of Nenitm is this. It came from two names of Villages in eastern Nigeria. They are Nenwe and Item. They married together and become nenitm.


So, Just remove the last WE in Nenwe, you have Nen and remove the E before M in Item, joined together you have nenitm.



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