Two Things That Will Upgrade Your Life


There could be many things one can do to upgrade his/her life. Learning a new skill, acquiring some certain or higher education, getting some basic training just to be upgraded in life. They are all good, but just two things tied under skill, education, trainings can upgrade your life. They are, 1- knowing something and 2- being honest.

1,Knowing Something.

To know something is not always a learned behaviour, sometimes it’s innate. Then if you don’t have it innate, you can learn and hopefully if didn’t learn, you don’t hide it. What you do is ask people that know it to do it for you. If it’s Something that you will pay for, you look for money and pay for it.

Now there are certain things you need to know in life at a certain time, certain age and certain place. If you miss it, you miss out. Can you see these list of things you should know before you are 25.

When we are talking about knowing something, do you even know that the earth is spherical, that we have different weather and climate all over the world, that people behave differently, that someone could be up today and down tomorrow or even stay down? That one can be stuck with sickness tomorrow? That you will old one day?That somethings are better not changed?

Know that white is white. That sometimes you don’t need one stream of income to succeed? if you don’t know, just ask someone for the truth that will upgrade your life or move you higher in life. Just know something


2, Being Honest.

Take it or leave it, being honest can upgrade your life. Are you honest with yourself and with others. Can you. tell yourself that you can’t make it in life with your present job and decide to move to a better job or business? What about your relationship with your spouse? Is he or she sound in thinking, understanding, cooperative,supportive, truthful, not the expensive, extravagant, always partying type, that don’t save or invest.

These are things you have to be honest with to be upgraded in life.We are not being religious here. But what comes around goes around, forget about people surviving and succeeding through dubious means. The question is that they will pay for it in the long run.

There’s laws of Karma that will always be against them. You only need to be honest with yourself and others. If someone overpays you give it back. Don’t cheat. Tell the truth but be smart and don’t be foolish in your honesty.

Work hard, work smart, plan, think, move, change bearings and directions at different aspect of your life, and you see your life being upgraded.


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