Trump Split With G-20 Nations


The united States of American President Donald Trump had split with the rest of G-20 nations over climate change actions.

Donald Trump on June 29.

President Donald Trump again split from other Group of 20 nations over climate change, with the U.S. rebuffing the need for the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions.

Negotiators had worked through the night to try and reach agreement on the communique released Saturday after the G-20 summit. The so-called 19+1 formula on climate change is similar to what was agreed at the gathering last year in Argentina.

“The United States reiterates its decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement because it disadvantages American workers and taxpayers,” the document says. It also says the U.S. “is a world leader in reducing emissions” and is committed to deploying advanced technologies to clean up the environment. Read more on Bloomberg


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