Top 5 mobile Savings App In Nigeria


The interest that banks pay on a savings account is insignificant. That’s about 3%. I don’t have huge amount to start. You will see the top 5 savings app in Nigeria.

Forget all those things.You can start today to save and invest. Are you a student, trader, businessman or worker?
You can do it. I will show you the top 5 savings Mobile Apps In Nigeria 2020.Yes. There’s a need for you to save and invest this year.

Today everyone goes on mobile phones.And android phones are used by 90% of individuals.So this savings is done on
an android phone.Just download on google playstore and register or sign up through their various websites.

The Savings Mobile App are;

  1. Cowrywise mobille app. This is an online savings app that helps one save towards a goal.Cowrywise is easy to use.
    there interest rate is 10-15% and withdrawal fee is free. people have used them and still do. You can trust on them.
  2. Alat by wema bank. Wema bank has done well in this digital platform. This app might not pay much interest about 2%. But
    can have your money anytime.With Alat, you are offered ATM card by Wema bank. You can withdraw free at ATM.

3.SumoTrust mobile app. This was formerly Sumo bank. Any African can invest. They pay between 10-15% Though they charge about 4.5% on

on withdrawals. It is still save to invest. Just download the app on playstore

4.Piggyvest mobile app. Piggyvest is one of the oldest and most popular. A lot people have invested. It has been used by
a lot of Nigerians. Interest payout is 8-15%. Here you have about four withdrawls date. If you withdraw before the time
that you are supposed to withdraw, then you will be charged about 5%.

And the final on the list is,

mobile apps

5.Kolopay. Kolopay helps you share your savingss plan with your family and friends. This way they help contribute towards
your finacial goals.They pay 6% interest on savings and you can withdraw all your funds not part like the other platforms.
There withdrawl charges are about 5%.

At least, you can see the top 5 mobile savings app in Nigeria 2020. It’s now left for you to download their apps, register


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