Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2020


The world is going digital. Everything and every business is online now. So if you miss out online you miss it. Today if you don’t advertise online, then you are not in the game. Many big companies have their chunk of money for advert on online websites, blogs,Apps platform. Insurance and investment companies all are online. Banks do have their platforms online where you can open account, submit complaint and even make inquires. I will show you top 10 online business in Nigeria 2020.

Do I even talk about savings you can do online from the comfort of your home. What about shopping online from home and abroad and have it delivered to your home. In fact a lot of things comes into play here. Instead of going for the normal library paper work for your research, you can as well do your research for materials online. And what about digital currencies like bitcoin, mining and investment, a lot of money are to be made here. Forex trading, Binary trading and Crude oil trading are all done online. And people smile to the bank often because of it.

Make Money With YouTube Channel

Honestly speaking, you can make money by opening a YouTube channel. But you must do the right things and do it well. You have to first of get 1000 subscribers before you monetize it google adsense.. There are many types of videos you can create on YouTube they are

  • Vlogs Here you upload videos of your everyday lifes people will like to watch it and don’t need to edit it much. People will like to view it. And if you have enough subscribers you are in for the money.
  • Product Review. You make a video on a product you use that is good. People also like to view it to enable them know if they are to purchase the product and how to use it.
  • Tutorials. You can teach people how to make some things like liquid soap. How to create a website.Some subjects like mathematics chemistry etc
  • Comedy videos. People like pleasure. They , want to laugh and feel happy always. Those videos can help them.
  • Tech videos. You make videos that teach people how to fix computers, everything electronics. People wants to learn about technology to enable fix somethings.

The above listed ways are the ways you can make money from YouTube.

Make Money As A Graphic Designer And Web Designer

If you want to make money online and want to be a graphic designer. Go and learn it. There are many websites and blogs springing up in the web everyday. Big companies will pay you to design their websites for them. And a lot of bloggers will pay you as well. Just learn it and advertise your business. you will be found.

Your work is to design website, logo and banner to make it enticing.

Make Money Online Blogging Top 10 Ways

I have to say this is now common these days, With hardwork and patience, blogging pays. Starting a niche blog pays faster. Just select a niche- finance, health,education etc and focus on it. You can earn a living blogging. But before you start learn it very well. Be ready to churn out original useful content.

Make Money Selling Things In Online Market Places

You can have your online store with companies that are already established online in eCommerce. Companies like Jumia, Konga, Amazon.

Here you get your goods given to them or you keep and ship when you have order. First register as a merchant on their website and submit your information, name phone number, address, email. And you only pay commission whenever you sell. What do you sell offline you can as well sell online. Is it shoes, clothes, wrist watches, rings, necklace and earrings. name them. Food items like bags of rice and floor. Groundnut oil. House hold items TVs, Refrigerators , Generators etc.

Personal and company use like mobile phones, laptops and computers., counting machines. You can open an online stores and rake in millions as you sell it.

Make Money Online Trading Forex, Binary,Crude Oil And Cryptocurrency

Ever wonder how much you can make trading online. You can make millions. But Forex trading is very delicate. You will have to learn it very well before you start. And with the right tools , software and caution you can make it. Though it is expensive to start even as a lot of brokers are into it, it is still not cheap to start but for sure it can turn someone a millionaire overnight.

Also Binary trading can go either way but it can double your money. All are learnt very well and traded with caution. Then crude can be traded online too. And cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are very good these days. These are among the top 10 online business to do in Nigeria 2020.

Make Money Online Doing Affiliate Marketing

I can’t mention online business without talking about Affiliate marketing. Here you help a company sell their product and get huge commission from the sales from the product. You can get up to 40% to 75% on each sales.

Online companies are looking for who will help them market their products. Their are many products that you can help a company sell. Like Digital products. ebooks, audio, photos, websites etc,

If you have a large followers on twitter or Facebook you can sign up with companies like clickbank for digital goods or Jumia, Konga, Amazon, ebay for physical goods. You can also create a blog or website if you don’t already have and place your affiliate link and start selling and earn your money.

Make Money Online Doing Freelancing Writing.

Can you write original content without copying. Can you research and write. People, companies and bloggers are in the look out for you.

You can advertise and have people pay you to write good articles for them. Some online companies pay per word. So a 500- 2000 words can fetch you a lot of money. And even in Nigeria you can earn up to #150000.00 a month from freelancing writing


Make Money Online Creating An Ebook Top 10 Ways

What useful thing do you want to teach people? You can write an ebook that can solve a problem. Teach people how to cook some recipes what about putting some gadgets in other and caring about their Children and pets for people in the western word. They will be ready to pay your for your book.

You can create it as a PDF file and sell on your blog. You can research and learn about ebook before start. It’s one business that will pay well.

Make Money Online Selling Expired Domain And Hosting Top 10 Ways

This is for people experienced in it. You can start a company to sell expired domain and hosting. A lot of company in Nigeria is doing it. Like hosthostnow.

You can make a lot of money here. everyday domain expires and the owner do not want to renew it again. Get those domain and sell to people that want to make use of it.

There are reasons people go for expired domains instead of new ones. They get domain that already have high DA, PA and huge back links This is among the top 10 online business in Nigeria 2020.

Make Money Online Monetizing Your APPs Top 10 Ways

You always download some Apps on google play store and use. You can make money if you can create your own App and monetize it through admob.

Create a useful App or get someone you can pay to create for you. Then submit with admob and monetize it with adsense. As people download and use it you make money. And you also make money from the ads place on it.

Finally, the above are the top 10 online business one can start in Nigeria 2020.


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