This Is A New Thing.


This is a new thing, I say for Nigeria. We hope to see this soon. We can’t believe it.

Just can’t believe it that Beyoncé will be topping topping music chart in Nigeria and the world. She is always on point.

Take a look below.

Lion King Beyoncé featuring some Nigerian Musician.

So this is to say that Beyoncé is an all round musician. Yes she is going to give a gift to the world with lion king.
Lion King

And if we’d say that she had conquered the world, you have to believe it.


This is a new thing to Nigeria and the world at large. Beyoncé is featuring some Nigerian Musician including Burna Boy that won the International BET Award. We are going to see, a blend of music, new taste, fantastic videos.

If we say this is not a new thing, then we are lying. Beyoncé will be going for a numerous award with this.

Meanwhile, GIFT- by the Lion King will be released on 19 July 2019.



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