The Rinum Example- Episode 1


Let’s all start. Mr. Rinum is a nice guy that doesn’t look at a woman twice only his wife, Kate that he does he does look at many times. And he does pet her well.

So his children are really trying in their functional roles. His first son is an Engineer, Civil engineer to be precise. Stanley is very focused.He puts God first in everything he does.

But one thing about Stanley is that he listens to both Christian and secular music. The Christian music, he puts to his heart but the secular music he doesn’t put to his heart. He only listens to the beat not the lyrics.

More to say, Stanley doesn’t womanize. He doesn’t look at a woman twice while he is walking on the street.

Truly, that doesn’t stop him from socializing with everyone. He is sociable and friendly with girls and women but purely on a platonic level. He knows his limit, and keeps his limit because of God and no one else.

Stanley had no girlfriend till he clocked 31 years. Good for him as he always say but that made it difficult for him, when he wants to get married.

It took him another four yes to find a wife. It wasn’t easy to find one. And this is because he believed what his father Mr. Rinum told him. ‘When you see your wife, you will know. The first time I met your mum, I know that she’s my wife’

And that is what made the difference. He believed it and it worked for him………….


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