The Names Of Mr. Rinum’s Children

The  Names Of Mr. Rinum’s Children

Here are the names of Mr Rinum’s Children from head to tail, Stanley, Kelvin, Esther, Kenneth,Gideon and Cynthia. They are all trim and tall, and the boys are six feet and above tall and the girls are just six feet.
They all had exceptional and distinctive characters, making them stand out from their pairs. This is a result of their father’s prayers and character.It’s true to believe that we are the end products of our parents as  said by Mr Rinum. Mr. Rinum tried in training his children, and as time goes we’ll be seeing the  Rinum Example

Stanley is articulative, calculative, observant.humble and objective.
Kelvin is internally arrogant, mean- looking lacking words, a bit domestic lazy but simple.
Esther is just her mother but could act strong sometimes.
Kenneth is decent, and could even pass for a pope or archbishop, doesn’t talk much,could pass for a genius but very displayed to himself and others.
Gideon is another genius in the house but very jovial,free with life,full of intelligent, an expert cook, very hardworking and prolific.
And Cynthia,  lovely, always puts up a smile which doesn’t come from her heart, also intelligent but not with a special character.
Well, all Mr. Rinum Children are intelligent, obedient and are trained up very well.


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