The Best Number Of Kids To Have

The Best Number Of Kids To Have

Can you remember Mr. Rinum and Family that I said that their story will be coming soon?Mr. Rinum and family. He is the typical man, married to Kate a lovely,decent,quiet,clever,kind,easy-going but fearless woman. And these qualities that she has, her husband Mr. Rinum, also has it.
Now, they started marriage at a moderate time in their lives, not too early and not too late.In appearance, they are good. The wife is beautiful and peaceful and Mr. Rinum is handsome and strong-looking.
They are always and almost attached to each other but they still have to live their separate lives and devote time to God, time for business and just time to be all alone.
So they have six children, four boys and two girls and that”s the best number of kids to have. You know why, because it’s half a dozen,it’s not too small and it’s not too big, more of boys to maintain the family and just a few girls to be married out.  

To be continued.


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