Space For Everyone

Living Room

Take a look at the above living room. There is a space in there. I mean a space for everyone.

In my quest to make it in life, in toils with all hasteness and competitiveness. Yet I still believe that there’s space for everyone.

The above living room might not be the most beautiful or spacious. But I’ll be glad if I own such a living room in future.

I had this advice in life from my late mother and a mother’s friend that is still breathing.

What did they say, Never you look into another person’s business. And too never get jealous about a person or anything.

And I don’t know if I have heed to the advice.

The truth being that I often struggle, try to compete -sorry for our schools that made us to compete for grades in schools, just to outpace some people.

Ironically, some of this ones I try to outpace are some friends and some enemies I want to impress, surprise and defeat. This a big stress to me.

Can I still remember that there are space for everyone.

Forget about the living room now and think about the world. There are space to be who you want to be.

Now if I had realised that, then I should save my self the stress of competion. Do I know that we are all unique, I will do my thing my own way.

Out of getting frustrated, thinking that someone will take my space, I had pimples all over my space. I also had thin body.

I think is good to believe that since we are all immortal human beings, we shouldn’t copy anyone, no matter what.

That will be had but we got to try.

You will feel bad quite alright when you feel that someone have taken your thing or space or even goods and services that you need to sell.

But yours will come because there’s a space for you.

Do I even had to say that thinking that there’s no space for me had cost me a lot. And it can even cost someone his or her life.

To sum it, don’t fight for anything or over anyone. There’s a space for everyone.

Just try to be original. You will be surprised at what you will see. Your potential and real self will come out.

I went through this now. I think it’s valuable. It’s not about inspiration or advice per say.

It’s about blogging tips and ideas. I think it inspired me to write this particular post.


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