President Trump Faces Chants At Baseball Game.


President baseball Visit and the chant

Of course how possibly can it be? The chants on Trump. But it’s true. President Trump faces chants at Baseball Game.

Now it was the opposite of what happened during his presidential campaign. His-Trump supporter chanted -‘Lock him up’ at Hillary Clinton but it’s different today.

No one knows, Trump would going to face this. And if he had known, he would stayed back. Trump was chanted at, ‘Lock him up, ‘ not Hillary Clinton this time.

It all started this way. In the baseball World Series on Sunday. At the national park at Washington DC. Trump came in , they chanted at him.

The Echoing Chants

It was an echoing chants by the fans at the national park. ‘Lock him up’ and it was all for Trump.

Donald Trump Faces chants

He came in at the end of first pitch. Probably he wasn’t announced on the loudspeaker. And that was maybe because he was Booed.

It was a game between Washington Nationals and Houston Astro. President Trump faces chants. The chants want so hard.

And, maybe because of the chants Trump left in the eighth inning.

But it wasn’t only that came. He was with his wife- Melanin. She wasn’t also comfort able with the chants.

It would be recalled that Donald Trump is not the only USA president that had been booed. It also happened to George Bush, junior and senior. And the same story is to be said to Jimmy Carter.

The story had continued, even to Trump. ‘Lock him up’ was not what he expected. But it looked planned. And it had happened.

Consequently, the booing could be as a result of the impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump. And. it’s coming from his non-supporters.

But it would be recalled. That on the run off of the presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton. That is in 2016. Trump supporters will always chant at Hillary Clinton ‘Lock him up, ‘

They do that to Hillary because of the use of her personal email for public service. Now, the chant is back to Trump.


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