Positive Parenting- The Mr. Rinum Example


Positive Parentng- The Mr. Rinium Example

Of course we have to learn from Mr. Rinum. That’s where this comes in Positive parenting- the Mr. Rinum example.

Mr. Rinium   had  been  a good father to his children.  is always positive and calm while talking with his children.

He does this way, 1;  is a role model to his children.
2; His communication with them is brilliant.
3; plays with them
4; makes out time for them.
5;   knows his limit as a parent.
6;  able to change his parenting style as the character of his kids changes.
7;  disciplined them politely.
8; shows love to them at all time.
9; showers them praise when they do good.
10; gives them gifts more especially on their birthdays.

Can you do  the above as a parent? If you can,  that is good.

Positive parenting had a way of helping the parents and imparting positively on the society at large.

Mr. Rinum
 Also had this to say, children or your kids needs respect. You should treat your kids with respect
  You just need to be a good parent by  1; by listening to your children
2;By loving your children.
3; Controlling your anger .

4; by not comparing them to other children

The option is here.  Why would you compare your child to another child? If you do you are not helping the self-esteem. Self worth are not supposed to be low. This is if you want  them to become better adults.

No one wants a child that will not be big. Rule the world. And become head of companies. So,  don’t ever compare,  as a parent. Correct without comparison. It does good that way.  Yes.

All these are the things you have to do for you to know positive parenting  -the Mr.  Rinum example.


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