Pay More Electricity Bills Come April 2020


They are on it again. And this is for electricity consumers in Nigeria. I just learnt that now. They will pay more electricity bills come April 2020.

Nigerian electricity regulatory Commissions. This is NERC. Has this to say to consumers. The electricity tarrif would be increased.

In Ikeja, consumers, who ought to pay N44.6/kwh would pay N27.3/kwh.

While residential customers continue to pay N21.30/kwh. Kano DisCo would charge N52.7/kwh average.

Consumers are allowed to pay N30.1/kwh, as the firm would charge residential customers N22.50/kwh.

Consequently,Yola DisCo would collect N57.4/kwh under cost reflective tariff. But would currently charge N26.8/kwh, as residential customers pay N23.25/kwh.


This is according to guardian news. So Nigerians get ready to pay more electricity bills come 2020. Source.

On my own people wouldn’t take it funny.

Okay now, the standard of living. The home industries needs electricity.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who needs energy. These ones includes tailors. They even have Generators as electricity is never steady. They will pay more.

And what about printing press company? Also big companies that requires heat for massive production? It’s not going to augur well.

What is required is steady electricity at low tarrif. It will help industrialization. Growth and development will be rapid also.


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