Life Rules- The Rinum Example


Life Rules- The Rinum Example

Mr Rinum had six children,  four boys and two girls. His children are all good, two boys has exceptional character but one boy is the black sheep but not much of the black sheep. Mr. Rinum And Family

Mr. Rinum

Mr. Rinum’s life rules:
1: Be honest in everything
2:Be calculative and meticulous
3:Be prayerful..
4: Do to others what you want them to do you.
5:For men, stick to one woman at a time and for women stick to one man at a time.
6:Do not cheat in anything.
7:Do not steal, rob anything, no matter how life is difficult to you and only beg when necessary.
8:Do not be jealous of anybody.
9:Keep your promises, if you can’t keep, don’t promise.
10: Be Truthful to yourself and others.
11: Be grateful for the little you have.
12:Be kind to a limit.
13: Be generous to an extent
14: Don’t be a coward and
15: Don’t be foolish.


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