I Saw My Late Mother In Dream


Can any one tell me the dream interpretation of this. I saw my late mother in dream. This has happened many times. Is it a positive or negative omen?

Now do we call it spiritual or psychological?.Well I don’t know. All I know is that I saw my late mother in dream. That is it. This makes me to think. Who can give the dream interpretation of this?

Dream interpretation

Well, Dream meanings could be tough to explain. This is because what a symbol means to you it can mean a different thing to another person.

I had to talk about this dream . This is because it’s complicated. It happened in a toilet.

Dream interpretation  I saw my late mother in dream

Often times I have seen my late mother in dream but I had no breakthrough yet. Do you think she is out to help me. Or even pass a message to me?

Any, this is the dream. She was inside the toilet holding a boy shouting that she asked me to look after my younger one but I didn’t. And the boy is dying.
I rushed in and saw her
holding my younger brother. That my brother looked lifeless. She my mother frowing and left the toilet. I held my brother shaking him and he came back to life. I was even scared as I do this. It was a dream.

So one funny thing that happened was this. That my younger brother’s face changed to another person I know. And this person is in no way related to me.

Another thing was that the toilet started smelling. I didn’t see feces but it kept smelling and I woke from sleep. And discovered that the feces was still smelling in real life. After a few minutes it stopped smelling. That is the dream I had.


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