I Had Been Trying This


I had been trying this all years. Since I grew to level of primary three, I had tried. I mean I had been trying to live a comfortable life.

Not only a comfortable life. To live a good life. To enjoy without jealousy or envy. And to stay out of trouble without anyone giving me trouble also.

Nevertheless, the truth remains that I have been trying this till I graduated from high school. And even now, yet it wasn’t easy.

Besides other hustle, I think I had the concience to live a good life. But it doesn’t matter your kind of life. It’s all about how many people you know.

Yes, life is a question of number. Numbers make the difference. In social media like Twitter, is all about followers. And offline, in markets. It’s all about how many customers or clients in large numbers.

Well, all my life I have been trying this….. to make money. Do you have an idea on how I can do it easily.?


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