How To Shrink Fibroid Completely


What Is Fibroid?


It’s a non-cancerous tumour. That affects mainly black women. So to say this that it’s genetic. Let’s learn here how to shrink fibroid completely.

Currently, doctors and medical research are yet to uncover the main cause of it. But some lifestyles can cause it.

Now some women take a lot of alcohol. They also don’t exercise. They eat a lot of junk foods, ignoring vegetables and fruits.

The truth remains that there a lot of evils women will do away with fibroid. Though, in my own readings, I learnt that too much production of oestrogen can cause fibroid.

Some women just have this problem of their body producing much oestrogen. It’s a problem. This could cause fibroid to increase in size rapidly.

And there are many treatments like using drugs to subside the pains. Also you can remove it completely by operation. One of it could be called Mycetomy.

Again, some do go naturally by shrinking on it’s own. But when they don’t then it’s a big problem.

How To Shrink Fibroid

Treatment can occur If the fibroid shrinks naturally. There’s a drink that you can take that can help shrink it.

Vine Shield

This drink is basic. It can neutralize the acidity of the body. Thereby wading off disease from the body.

Since it’s basic. it goes a lot of way to shrink fibroid.

There are other things to take with this drink. They include:

1, Uziza

2, Uda

3, Ohiokiriho

4, Aju ogwu Mbaise.

The above mentioned are natural foods use to cook yam for a pregnant woman that just gave birth.

Consequently, the way to do this is this.


And the way to take it is this. Drink three raw spoons of Vine Shield early morning on empty stomach thirty minutes before meal.

And also drink three raw spoons of vine shield thirty minutes before you eat dinner.

Then cook together uziza, uda, ohiokiriho, any ogwu mbaise. And drink the water everyday as you take the Vine shield.

Finally this should be done for two weeks and there will be result of shrinkage. Then the fibroid will come out on its own.



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