How To Raise A #1,000,000 Without Stress


Your eyebrows will be raised now on seeing this…. Yes, how to raise #1,000,000 without stress. Well considering the fact that money is hard to come by, it’s usually not very easy to get without stress but there’s a way to do this without much pain.

Naira money

There are two things you can do to get #1000,000 without stress

1, Sell information or

2, You beg for it- the money.

How can you do these?

Do you have any information that you want to sell information to 200 persons at the rate of #5000 each, That is 200 multiple by #5000 equals to #1000,000. Read here on information products to sell

And two you can beg some relatives or friends. Assuming you have about 200 hundred relatives or friends,beg them for #5000 each, ask them to sow a seed in your life. #5000 is a small for some people to part with. If 200 of them can give it to you, that’s exactly #1000,0000.

That’s the way you can get it


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