How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus Daily


And this is a tale from an American Uber driver. He had added more hours to his work, since the outbreak of Coronavirus. As you read his tale, you will learn how to protect yourself from Coronavirus daily.

How to protect yourself from Coronavirus

The below is his story.

Despite New Yorkers being told to stay at home, 59-year-old Hollis, Queens, resident Eduardo Marino has been busier than ever driving passengers for Uber and Lyft.

Before, I worked about 40 hours per week; now, maybe 60 hours. In the last week, I’ve made 20 trips to grocery stores to pick up riders. It’s usually five per week. I’ve also made 25 trips to and from hospitals — twice as many as normal.

Every day, I disinfect my car with Clorox wipes, then I spray a coat of Lysol. After every two or three passengers, I pull over and disinfect the car all over again. My sister, who’s a health aide, gave me latex gloves and masks. I’m looking out for my passengers, for myself, and for my 88-year-old mother, who I live with.

I’m not scared. If I feel afraid, then I may as well stay home. I cannot think that, if a passenger starts coughing a bit, they have coronavirus. When I drop them off, I say goodbye and good luck.

 As told to Zachary Kussin 

Now Eduardo Marino an uber driver in New york increased his work  hour since the outbreak of coronavirus. He is not even afraid to do his driving work. He disinfects his car by spraying coat of lysol. But before he does that he will  first disinfect his car with Clorox wiper.

And you can go on and see how to protect yourself from coronavirus. It is a good means if you can’t stay indoor. Maybe we should learn from 59 year old man Eduardo Marino.


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