How To Make #500,000 In Two Months In Nigeria


How To Make #500,000 In Two Months In Nigeria

Have you ever thought of how to make N500,000 in two months in Nigeria?

Well, the Nigerian economy has not been at it’s best state even before the Covid – 19 pandemic but this does not mean you cannot make it big.

Nigeria is a country where there are several business opportunities both online and offline. It is left for you to choose anyone that suits your passion. A lucrative business that can fetch you at least N500,000 in two months in Nigeria will be discussed below;

How To Make N500,000 In Two Months In Nigeria – (Mini – Importation)

This is a semi- online business because it can be carried out completely online and partially offline. Mini – Importation is a business that requires you to order goods outside Nigeria at cheap prices and then sell them in Nigeria to make over 10× profit of the cost price. The most common country where these goods are imported from is China. Let’s take a look look at this instance below;

Mini – Importation of 300 items with a net cost price of N500 each.

Net Cost Per Item Bought = N500
Selling Price Per Item = N2500
Net Profit Per Item = N2500 – N500 = N2000
No of Items sold per day = 10
Profit Per Day = N2,000 × 10 = N20,000
Profit In A Month = N20,000 × 30 = N600,000
In two months = 1.2 Million Naira

You will discover that over N500,000 has been made already ! Which means you are investing N150,000 Naira per month to make a profit of N600,000 every month.

Yes ! The analysis above is very possible if you truly understand the business model.

Some major steps to take in order to have a successful mini – Importation business are enumerated below.

Understanding market research – Knowing how to locate high in demand products.
Know how to navigate the sites where you can buy your product. The most common is the AliExpress.
Learning how to buy products at cheap prices and going for light weighted items to avoid an increased shipping fee.
Learn how cut shipping fees
Learn how to locate your targeted audience
Learn how to sell using unique selling propositions

The list of some hot in demand products include ; UltraSonic Teeth Cleaner, Lazy phone and tablet bracket, Wireless Phone Charger, Acne Blue – Light Pen, Powerful Sink and Drain Cleaner, Skin Tag Remover, Car Washer Pump, Beard Bib, Selfie Stick, Phone Case, and so many others that will find while doing research.


This article does not serve as a guarantee for you to make millions overnight. It is only for informational purposes so you are advised to work hard, smart and save in order for you to make money as desired.

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