How To Get Loan From Diamond/Access Bank


Diamond/Access bank is at it again, they are always at the forefront of event. Even when other banks are yet to kick-start their payday loan, they have started their own.

Diamond/Access bank have started dishing out soft loans to their clients /customers and even non -customers . If you can open an account and operate it for six months to one year.

So, are you in dare need of some little cash. You don’t need to get it from a family member or friends.

As a Diamond/Access bank customer, you can have your problems solved. They can help you out of your tight corner.

Access bank

Now to get this loan you have to dial *426*11# on the phone number that you use and receive alert.

This loan is repayable after 31 days. You account is usually debited after 31 days. If you pay back, you have access to bigger loans.

Read details of how to apply for diamond/access bank loan


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