How To Eradicate Poverty In Our World


It’s actually a big deal. I am not free from it. A huge problem suffer it. It’s poverty. How to eradicate poverty in our world. I had to pour my mind out.

Now do we reduce or remove poverty completely?.I think removing it completely will be better. The world has battled poverty. And they still do but no solution yet. A lot of people have done something about it. And lot of people are still doing something. I think some philanthropist, good individuals and governments have tried.

How to eradicate poverty in our world

Honestly, some individuals work hard aand make plans just to get out of poverty. But they never succeed. And sometimes that’s just because they don’t get support from the government. Yes, a relative or an influencer.

In fact, how to eradicate poverty in our world should be on everyone’s mind and lips.
Poverty, so to say affects both developed and developing societies. But it’s more pronounced in developing societies.

And there are many numerous ways to eradicate poverty. Hopefully some are working out. And by the year 2020 it will be eradicated.

There are ways to eradicate poverty by government if only they persist. What I mean that government should be consistent with measures to reduce poverty. It’s not something to start and stopped if a government is changed.

Measures to remove poverty
Create jobs that will be assesable to both the rich and poor.
Introduce sick pay days
Distribute credit facilities to poor people and farmers.
provide free or low cost education
provide free medical care of life threatening diseases to the masses.
cheap comfortable housing for people payable in a period of ten to fifteen years

Handwork should be learned and practiced by people.
Salaries should be payed to unemployed.
Grants should be given to every individual that lacked capital.



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