How To Easily Get 0ne Million Page views A Month


We are all trying different approaches in a bid to succeed as bloggers or business owners who wants our websites to be viewed or even get constant traffic. The journey isn’t easy as there are steps, rules, technics and measures to be taken, and most atimes it requires patience and time with useful content that millions of people are soughting after.

But you must know the technical know-how and implement it for it to work.

Now you have,

  1. write useful detailed content.

2. Give people the things that they are looking for.

3.Optimize your SEO so that you can get organic search.

4. Write consistently.

5. Solve some problems.

6. Answer difficult question

7. Relieve people of their pains through your writing.

8. Beat your competitors who are also online by using long tail keywords.

9.Being unique in your writing and being Original.

10. Advertising your website and many other things you can do to get a million pageviews

But the one that we want to focus on is

11. Get your post, blog or website to be seen,viewed, and shared on social media, the likes of facebook,twitter,reddit,etc.

Now look at how to easily get one million page views in a month.

Have a well written problem solver/ solution content about 1000 of it, I mean 1000 blog post that can solve problems and people are looking for it. Share it in social media to 1000 persons, 1000 ×1000 =1000000 it’s as simple as that. You can as well schedule yourself and write at least 34 blog post everyday for one month, that will give you about 1000 and blog post for a month. If you can make it, then you are a genius. Thumb up!


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