How To Earn money Daily In Nigeria

How To Earn Money Daily In Nigeria

Have you heard about agent banking in Nigeria, more especially  First bank agent banking? That is the business you can do and get daily income. Banking activities is what people usually need, and the line in  banks this days is alarming. So if you get a location that’s far from the bank, the money that people will spend on transport to go to bank,. they will give you to help them pay into their bank account or into some one else’s account, maybe someone they will need to pay.

The following  activities are what you can do as a Firstmonie agent and get you daily pay

1, deposit money
2, transfer money
3, Withdraw  Money
4,sell airtime of any network
5, pay for utility bills
6,subscribe to cables and television station and lots more

First bank their agent 45℅ of the transaction commission. And if you work hard you can surpass more one thousand transaction a month and that is above #50000.00 a month.
Just visit any first bank branch to register and start. You only need at least #50000.00 to start. And you will be given a machine/POS to start work.

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