How To Defeat Evil People


Characters Of Evil People

Evil is really bad. Evil is black. And Evil is wicked. Not to describe it much. Some people are evil to to core.

I have encountered a lot of evil people. And I have much to say about them. They are human beings but one might call them witches and wizards.

And they really are. With they way they treat their fellow humans. They are tough to deal with.

And are always pretentious. The funny thing is that they are smart and intelligent. Yes, and about ninety percent of them are beautiful.

So, one may be mistaken them to be gracious and nice. Their eye contact is almost perfect and one may not find out what’s on their mind.

But you can still read their minds if you are with your sixth sense.

I had no clue to their benefits but they derive Joy in seeing someone in pains. They can set some one up. They are mean.

I’m sorry to say this but they can kill. There are a lot of characters of evil people. Is about lying, they are good to go.

In fact, what I don’t understand is the evil characters they have, if it learned or natural. But the fact remains that despite their religion and preaching, they will never change.

I mean change for good. They are ready to hurt anyone. They smile a lot. And can easily mix up with people.

Now, being materialistic is one character. Dressing up to test. Wearing nice perfumes. So everyone easily get attracted to them.

I’m sorry to say that, sometimes they are Influencers. They make things happen. Changing things to their advantage and to the way it suits them.

Evil people

I wonder how they are able to change situations to carry out there evil plans. This is. because their life has delayed some people’s life.

Also they take good care of themselves, medically. Sometimes able to live longer than non-evil persons.

Probably, they may be in the world to make it tough. Who knows life will be easier without them.

They are poke-nosers and only come around to benefit something from you. You know what, they are stingy. Always taking and never giving.

How To Defeat Evil People

To be contd…..


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