How To Avoid Long Queue In Banks


Are you or always tired or even wasting much time in the banking hall everyday? Do you feel that you should have more time for your business than going to banks everyday to deposit, withdraw or pay a customer? Then what you should is here.

Nigeria have come of age, only that we are not using our cashless policy well yet. Every transaction we are doing should go digital It will help a lot. It will help the banks and even the individuals.

What about if you want to buy goods and services, you slot your ATM card in a POS – point of sales or you log on to your mobile app on your phone and transfer to the buyer, would you still need to go to the bank, withdraw the money and come back to the buyer to pay cash? No.

Though we know you can always make payments through electronic methods but the next problem is how to make payments when you have cash. We talk about that in the next paragraph. Always try to make payments electronically. One can also open bank accounts with a phone just by dialing some bank codes, each bank has its own code. You can still visit any banks website and enquire about any services, though nothing stops you from going to bank. Then look at how to avoid queues in the banking hall if you have cash or much cash to deposit below

-walk to the head cashier

-tell him or her that you need STC -subject to count, on your account. You will be given an STC form to fill. This means that anytime you bring money, you money will be accepted, posted and counted later in your absence and if there’s any shortage or counterfeit, you will balance up. Trust the cashiers to be honest with you here and they will.

-then fill the form and submit and anytime you come, you will have your money collected and you wouldn’t queue up.


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