Friends Listen To Funke Akindele


What Could have made the model,actress, super diva and the anchor woman of Jennifa’s diary say this? No one knows. She is the Nigerian Actress -Funke Akindele.

We think she might need so space for her husband, that’s one. Two, she might not need any distraction from any female. Three,she doesn’t need any distraction or side attraction from a female friend.

This good to hear from Funke Akindele. Should we also say that she’s Jealous here? Well she’s a human being, you wouldn’t bet her mind.

But this shows the love she has for her husband- JJC Sklliz. She really wants the family to be together. So a female friend has no business calling his husband. That’s interesting to know but who wouldn’t protect a handsome husband.

Funke Akindele and Husband JJC Skillz

Well, Funke Akindele, had opened up on an interview, saying that she wouldn’t like her female friends calling her husband on phone. Anything Personal is personal.

She said that the only time her female friends can call her husband is during her husband’s birthday, maybe just to say, ‘happy birthday’. Or if they try reaching her but couldn’t. Then, they are permitted to call her husband, to reach her through him.

Well we hope Funke ‘s Friends will take note of this. And also heed to it.

But our question to Funke Akindele is this- so your female friends even have your husband’s phone number?


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