Frank Lampard And The Ajax Story


My Thoughts On Frank Lampard

I, personally, had admired Frank Lampard as a player. Yes, I mean a footballer. But I can say much as a coach.

Now I think it’s not yet time or maybe am wrong. And the guy is good. In looks he is quiet, innocent and intelligent.

And he calculates with the ball. You never can tell his passes and accurate shots on target. He is human and can still have some shots off target.

Probably you’d bank on him to deliver. He blends well. I can give him a space to work for the team. A teamworker, to say.

Frank Lampard.

Meanwhile, I wouldn’t be surprised at what he did at Ajax today. Frank Lampard and the Ajax Story. He is really happy.

It’s a difficult game. But the boys proved themselves. This is at Armsterdam. Chelsea defeated Ajax at one goal to nothing.

First and foremost, this a win. And second it’s a second win in their championship league campaign. Chelsea is topping the table.

Now , Frank hopes it goes on. I had this wish and thought. The wish that Lampard should repeat his performance as a footballer in a coach form.

Frank Lampard had a lot on his head. His looks depicts that. He looks decent, quiet and intelligent. I can’t say if he is that smart like Mourinho. But his shots and possess are smart.

Probably, his moves on the pitch are accurate. But will his subsititions be that good too? Will his intelligency read a match for him and give Chelsea that Midas touch?

When I use Chelsea On My PS2

More, can he withstand the pressure of being a Chelsea Coach? The Chelsea of those days are different.

I have to say now that there’s no Lampard in the team yet. I don’t want to talk about the Chelsea of those days. But there will always be better days.

So to say, yes, a more fantastic better Chelsea team.

Normally, when I use Chelsea to play on my PS2, Lampard takes the freekicks, so we’ll. His shots are terrific. But I never scored with him. Instead Hazard does score.

I had Torres and Eto’o top front doing the scoring. But the freekicks Lampard shots wide. This is unlike him in real life.

Consequently, two things caused the problem.

First and foremost, I don’t know how to use Frank Lampard on my PS2. And secondly, I am unlucky with Frank Lampard.

And now this could be the case with Lampard currently at Chelsea Now.

It’s he knows how to use Chelsea or become Lucky with Chelsea. That way he wins. I can see he is so happy today. Frank Lampard and the Ajax Story.


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