Flashback On Gideon Growing Up


Flashback On Gideon Growing Up 

Just to say the obvious, Kenneth and Gideon have exceptional and unique character. Mr. Rinum spent time training up all his kids well and had such time with Gideon. Gideon started talking at one year, mimicking, showing some serious and funny facial expressions. At two, and three, he can give a piece of advice, ask some strenuous questions and solve some arrangement questions.
As he’d ask his father, Mr. Rinum, one day,  ‘Can my  mother mistakenly kill me if I do something wrong?’
‘No -o-o son,’ replied Mr. Rinum with a surprise voice, ‘but where’s this question coming from?’ Mr. Rinum.
‘No where, I was just asking because it came to my mind’s
Mr. Rinum didn’t say anything again.
And an advice Gideon gave to Mr. Rinum one day, ‘sometimes it’s not always good to train a dog that will bite you tomorrow,’ he smiled as he said it.
The Rinum Example


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