Eze Nenwe And His Views Of Life.



He Nenwe, as he’s popularly called had his own point of view of life. His real name is Polycarp Eketi aka Eze Nenwe.

He is the only king on earth that was crowned by himself, no other person crowned him. He is a natural king. That’s what he said to himself.

He asked people to be calling him Eze Nenwe. He said that he prefers his father’s town to his mother’s town.


He is exactly six feet tall, very huge body built.He has a handsome face, endowed with small eyes,nose and mouth. His colour is a bit light skinned.

He is actually from Nenwe, only that his mother is from Mbaise and his father Nenwe.

He is happily married to Elizabeth. A petite beautiful woman that looks almost like the wife of Will Smith And Eze Nenwe loved his wife so much that he wouldn’t want an ant to bite her.

His Life Doings

Eze Nenwe is a merry fellow. He throws party every 27th through 30th of December yearly. He does this inside his compound in his hometown.

His party is not only the usual party of only come. eat and drink.

He does somethings to preserve their culture like, letting some children act drama in their dialect.

Also, Children sing in their dialect, and dance their cultural dance. It’s done as competition.

At the end award is given to some of the children in form of scholarship, money and school books.

So Eze Nenwe is into commercial cassava farming, production and processing.

He has other chains of businesses. Like he is into transport, and oil. When we say oil, we mean red oil for consumption. He also owns a cassava processing company.

And he knows about somethings in life that are not worth it. Something like holding grudge. He doesn’t hold grudges.

There other things that are not worth it, as in this 20 things that are not worth it

Just not to talk much about his life. But he is generous. He is dedicated to giving, giving only to his people.

Meanwhile, he had helped about 500 youths start a business. This he did by giving them grants of one million naira each.

I can say with the way he helped these youths, he tries for his Town.

First of all, Eze Nenwe worked hard. He loved enjoyment.

Secondly, he helped his Village people. So he could be called a Philanthropist.

Thirdly and finally he made a mistake……….


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