Does He Truly Really Loves Me?


How do I know if he loves me? I had to ask this question many times. But who knows the one that is the truth. I ask, does he truly really love me.

I am a lady of 25years old. And I got married some two years ago to a man that I thought is better than other men. But that’s not truth so far. I already have a baby boy.

He, my husband has a business he does – self -employed. I am also self-employed. We are average family working hard to be above average.

I had thought that my husband loved me during our courtship days. Yes, I tested him during this period.


I sometimes bark at him to see if he gets angry but he never, or does he pretends then? I get angry at his slightest mistakes, he asks for my forgiveness. He pets me. He calls me pet names, like baby, mummy and so on.

I was surprised that he always smiles at me. He looks at my face always. And tries to remove some dirt from my hair everytime.

Now, at the time of our courtship, I told him, some things I hate in men. They are:

What I don’t need in a man

hate a man that while I walk on the street with him, he stares at other ladies.

men that smokes or drinks a lot, even if you don’t drink to stupour. Just take one bottle once in three days.

Honestly speaking, don’t like men that lies, even woman who lies I don’t like it, let alone my man lying.

can’t take it If a man does not take good advices.

men that don’t keep promises.

Actually, he kept all these to me during courtship or he was pretending and doing at my back.

But now we are married am only enduring it. He smokes, I just discovered. drinks alcohol, different brands. And hasn’t kept any promises since we are married. I can’t mention them here.

Above all, he stares at other ladies while am with him and even touches them. I am no longer happy and have endured.

Finally, my question is this, Does he truly, really loves me?


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