Do I even Nag?


Mrs. Hardcastle always try to make Mr. Hardcastle and People around him believe her points and sometimes why she’s happy or unhappy or atleast why she had to do somethings some ways but Mr. Hardcastle believes that she nags.

‘You’re a nagging woman,’ Mr. Hardcastle said.

‘Why is nagging always for women, is it a woman thing? I don’t. It’s just you don’t do things the way it should be,’ Mrs. Hardcastle replied.

‘You Nag,’ Mr.Hardcastle snapped.

‘Do I even nag? Mr. Hardcastle, my husband,’ Mrs Hardcastle said, and showing his husband the below quote and promised to stop talking much back to her husband anyday.

The below quote that she showed her husband changed her life.

So, this is just for fun if we can learn from it.


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