Critical thinking A Thing Of The Mind


Critical thinking, a thing of the mind

In this era of vast development, indept technology advancement. Critical thinking comes in.

The question or questions here is where do I fit in to be among the best or on top of the game?

But this question 

not general. There comes personal critical thinking.

And the personal questions are asked here?

Moreover, who am I?
Where did I come from?
Does my family have good, bad, or breaktking records?
Do they go to school?
Am I learned?
Do I know computer or am I computer literate?
How many people do I have on top?
Is my family successful in busi

ness, politics and or education?

Why is it that I myself at 30.
Can’t I drive and can’t even afford a car.
It’s even hard for me to build a house.
I don’t know why I can’t manage a company for someone or have my own company.

Why do dreams fails?
And plans don’t materlise?
Some have good luck and some bad.

And why are people wicked and selfish.
Probably, and  why can’t everyone print their own money and have enough as they cook food and have enough?
Why must you work your whole life to provide your basic needs.

Why is life complicated even as it looked simple?
Where do people go when they die.


 Some people make so much and some don’t?
There is no shortcut to success?
Why will some people hate.

Consequently,  even that we know that rotation of the earth on it’s axis causes day and night but what’s the importance of night?
The above is personal critical thinking. 


I have to say that. it has a way of making someone move ahead in life.



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