Claudio Bravo Camus Illusion With Pictures


The story has been told of Claudio Bravo Camus. And it’s all about how he created illusion with pictures. The Claudio Bravo Camus illusion with pictures. This is as seen in the Google Doodle below.

Google Doodle

To remember him today, being 8th of November 2019 would be great. His birthday would have been today. To day is his birthday. He should be, 83 years today.

And the painter was born in 1936 in a Chilean city. At 17, he showed his artwork in his hometown. Despite his father not in support of him. He withstood. The truth remains that he taught himself painting.

Intrestingly, the Claudio Bravo Camus illusion has some mystery, so to say. Even as he had worked as a dancer before. He had travelled to places like Spain to use painting and earn a living.

Basically at 20s and 60s his artwork made him stood out. He appeared on google blog. And the mystery of the Google Doodle explains the pop illusion having the three dimensional effect.

He, Claudio Bravo did a lot of paintings even for the Filipino. And even when he moved to Morocco, he’d expanded his work.

This he does by adding animal painting/portraits.He had been so great a painter. This is because he stood out from the rest of the painters.

Probably his talent is inborn, as no one taught him painting. Even as his father was against him, he persisted. Of course he started early. At age Seventeen, he was making waves. He traveled some parts of the world, Europe -Spain and even Africa-Spain.

What made him different from others? This is a good question to be asked. The more reason he is rembered today. The reason is this, he doesn’t work for the pictures/photos. His artwork is so REAL and natural.



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