Can A woman Be Pregnant And Still Have Normal Period?


This is a huge question to ask. Can a woman Be Pregnant and still have her normal period? The answer is no and yes. This question should be answered correctly by Doctors/Gynaecologist. But mothers and nursing mums have there own clue. Some women do have their monthly period till five months before it stops and still move on to have healthy babies.

Pregnant women

Now Doctors have claimed that what women experience during pregnancy is not period but implantation bleeding, but can this implantation bleeding happen every month for 3 to five months? This is truly questions for the Gods.

Doctors have also said that if a woman experience monthly period during pregnancy that there will be likely a miscarriage. But most women had gone to have healthy babies after experiencing monthly periods. So the best thing is to visit your doctor if you are in this situation and still be positive and have the right attitude because Doctors are not God.

This cases of periods/menstruation during pregnancy is so common in twin and multiple births. But let’s read the experiences of some women who had had periods/bleeding during pregnancy and still went on to have healthy babies here.


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