As Seen At Good Morning Market


As Seen At Morning Market

Good Morning Market Aba

The above photo is good morning marke Aba. Aba is in Abia state Nigeria.

The market is dwelt at the beginning of Ngwa road. And it’s situated right beside one Anglican Church called Emmanuel Anglican Church.

Normally this market should be big like it’s conterparts, Ariaria, Cemetary and Ahia ohuru but not.

The problem it had is that it has refused to improve, and the reason could not be far fetched.

I think the reason could be because it’s not motorable. Then, If there’s any other reasons I don’t know.

Basically, Good morning market. Otherwise called Ochendo morning market is a market where you can buy anything.

But funny enough you don’t get everything you want only perishiable foodstuffs.

You can buy Tomatoes in wholesales and resell or eat. Also you can buy pepper, Onions, and Okro. These foods are packed in bags and Baskets.

Each Time a car or Lorry brings the goods to the market, it’s offloaded. This is done by job-Men.

This market sell at any time of the day till evening. But it sells more in the morning.

It has a few sellers but many buyers. This buyers come from nearby markets in Aba.

Some buyers come from nearby states like Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Cross River States.

I have to say one thing I observed in the market. The dealers sell their Tomatoes, Pepper, Onions and Okro on credit.

I wonder how they manage to get their money back from those customers. Selling on credit does not help an individual to grow.

Anyway, I learn a lot in this market, unlike other markets. I will talk about what I learnt from this market.

I think you will stay tuned……



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