7 Things You Supposed To Know Now

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1,Do you know that Dinosaurs all died millions of years before humans evolved.


2,The first Religion that was founded first was Hinduism. Hinduism developed in India by 1200 BC. Buddhism was founded in 6th Century BC, Christianity in the 1st century AD, and Islam in the 7th century AD.


3, The Kingdom of Babylon was located in Mesopotamia what is now Known as Southern Iraq.

Kingdom of Babylon

4, Julius Caesar Military victories in the first century BC helped ancient Rome win control over many foreign lands.

Julius Caesar

5,Alexander the Great was tutored by the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Alexander The Great

6, The stone began when People started making tools out of stone.

Stone age

7,The Ancient Egyptians developed the first system of writing known as hieroglyphs about 5500 year ago.

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