4 Habits That Will Affect Your Health


Habits Is Proportional to health

These days some people do not mind what they eat as a result of their habits. And sometimes it’s not their fault

This is because they are humans. Humans sometimes can’t deny the impulses that make them human.


But jf we try, we can sometimes or almost deny those impulses.

And How do we do that

Probably, we can disciplined and condition our body and life to behave some certain way. I mean we can decide not to eat some foods no matter how sweet or tasty it is.

Consequently, this can improve our life and health.

4 Habits That Will Affect Your Health

  1. Drinking too much alcohol
  2. Eating to much sugar
  3. Drinking Cold-hearted freezed water
  4. Using Maggi

I, Drinking too much Alcohol

Alcohol is never good for health , no matter how one tries to paint it. What alcohol does to one’s liver is deadly.

It can cause cancer of the throat, mouth, cancer of the liver. It isn’t fair the power house of the body is affected by alcohol.

The truth remains that no amount of alcohol is good for the body. Research has shown that.

Now no matter how they say it, that little is good for your heart. Taking none is better. Exercise not alcohol is good for your heart.


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