Why Is America So Special?

Why Is America So Special?

Today as we were watching a foreign movie a British guy was jubilating over an American Visa he got to go to America. He danced that he got an American Visa to go for a vacation, only vacation. As we finished watching it, Gideon tapped me and asked, ‘for dad, why is America So Special?’
Being the Mr. Rinum that I am, always having answers even when am not prepared. I said,  ‘America is so special because it’s America,’
He said,’dad I don’t take that answer,’
Surprised as I am then I said, ‘don’t worry I will tell you why America is so special later,’
He smiled and said, ‘ok dad,’

Remember this is Mr. Rinum, stay tuned as I think  and tell you why America is so special.

Updated: June 6, 2019 — 4:30 pm

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